Setup cash back | Admirals (Admiral Markets)

Setup Cash Back | Admirals (Admiral Markets)

In the dynamic world of online trading, every trader is on the lookout for opportunities to maximize their returns and minimize costs. Admirals, formerly known as Admiral Markets, introduces an innovative solution to enhance the trading experience for its clients through a cash back program. This program is designed to reward traders with a portion of their trading expenses back, effectively reducing the overall cost of trading. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to set up and benefit from the cash back program offered by Admirals.

Understanding the Cash Back Program

The cash back program by Admirals is a strategic initiative aimed at rewarding its active traders. The essence of the program lies in its simplicity and effectiveness: traders receive a rebate for each trade they execute, regardless of the outcome of the trade. This initiative not only incentivizes trading activity but also provides a financial cushion that can impact overall profitability.

Eligibility and Registration

To be eligible for the cash back program, traders must first be registered clients of Admirals. The registration process is straightforward and can be completed online through the Admirals website. Potential traders need to provide personal information, undergo a verification process, and comply with regulatory requirements to ensure a secure trading environment.

Once registered, traders can opt into the cash back program by navigating to the dedicated section within their client portal. This process involves agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program and confirming participation. It's crucial to review these terms to understand how cash back is calculated and any specific criteria that must be met to qualify for rebates.

Funding Your Account

After opting into the cash back program, the next step is to fund your trading account. Admirals offers a variety of deposit methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets, providing flexibility and convenience for traders worldwide. It's important to consider that the amount of cash back received can be influenced by the volume of trades, which is inherently linked to the account's funding level.

How Cash Back is Calculated

The cash back amount is calculated based on the volume of trades executed within a specific timeframe, usually a month. Admirals sets a rebate rate per lot traded, which can vary depending on the type of financial instrument and the account type of the trader. For example, trading on major forex pairs might offer different cash back rates compared to trading on indices or commodities.

Traders can monitor their progress and estimated cash back earnings through the client portal. This transparency ensures traders are fully informed about their rebates and can plan their trading activity accordingly.

Strategies for Maximizing Cash Back

To maximize the benefits of the cash back program, traders should consider the following strategies:

  1. Increase Trading Volume: Without compromising risk management principles, look for opportunities to increase your trading volume. This might involve diversifying your portfolio or taking advantage of market volatility.

  2. Utilize Admirals' Resources: Admirals offers a wide range of educational resources and trading tools. Utilizing these can enhance your trading strategy, potentially leading to more trades and, consequently, higher cash back.

  3. Regular Monitoring: Keep an eye on your trading activity and cash back earnings. Regular monitoring can help identify trends and adjust your trading strategy to optimize cash back.


The cash back program offered by Admirals is a testament to the broker's commitment to providing value to its clients. By understanding how to set up and make the most out of this program, traders can effectively reduce their trading costs and enhance their profitability. This initiative not only benefits active traders but also strengthens the relationship between Admirals and its clientele, fostering a supportive and rewarding trading environment.