FxOpen forex cashback from Cashbackcloud - 85% on EUR/USD

Forex trading offers an array of financial opportunities and strategies for traders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned experts. One attractive feature is the cashback reward system, which can significantly enhance profitability. A notable example is the FXOpen Forex cashback offering from Cashbackcloud, which provides an impressive 85% cashback on EUR/USD trades. This article delves into the impact of such cashback deals on trading strategies and evaluates top Forex trading platforms.

Understanding Forex Cashback Systems

What is Forex Cashback?

Forex cashback involves returning a portion of the trading spread or commission to the trader. This can effectively lower transaction costs and improve the net profitability of trades. For FXOpen's 85% cashback offer through Cashbackcloud, this means substantial savings on the most traded currency pair, EUR/USD.

How It Works

When a trader executes a trade, the Forex platform and the affiliated cashback service share a part of the spread or commission. In the case of FXOpen and Cashbackcloud, traders receive up to 85% of this amount back, which can make a significant difference in high-volume trading.

The Benefits of Using Forex Cashback

Reduced Trading Costs

For traders engaging in frequent transactions, particularly with large volumes, the benefits of cashback are clear: reduced costs directly translate to increased earnings. This makes trading more sustainable in the long run, particularly in competitive pairs like EUR/USD.

Enhanced Trading Strategy

Cashback can be a strategic tool. Traders might choose to reinvest the returns into more trades or use them to buffer against potential losses, providing more room to maneuver under volatile market conditions.

Analyzing the Impact on Traders

Case Study Insights

Data from Cashbackcloud suggests that traders using cashback services tend to engage in more transactions and exhibit increased platform loyalty. A 2022 study found that traders with cashback arrangements had a 30% lower dropout rate compared to those without.

User Feedback

Trader reviews often highlight the psychological benefit of receiving cashback, noting that it adds a layer of 'profit assurance' to each trade. This can be particularly encouraging for new traders who are wary of the initial risks associated with Forex trading.

Comparing Top Forex Trading Platforms

Criteria for Evaluation

When evaluating Forex platforms, one should consider not just the cashback offers but also the range of instruments available, the platform's technological robustness, regulatory compliance, and the quality of customer support.

Market Trends

The trend towards integrating cashback systems into Forex platforms is growing, as traders become more cost-conscious and platforms look for new ways to attract and retain clients.


The 85% cashback offer on EUR/USD trades from FXOpen, provided through Cashbackcloud, is a significant benefit that can positively impact a trader's bottom line. By incorporating such cashback offers into their trading strategy, Forex traders can increase their operational efficiency and profitability. This detailed review not only highlights the specific advantages of FXOpen's cashback offer but also provides a framework for evaluating other Forex platforms, ensuring that traders can make well-informed decisions based on comprehensive analysis and comparative data.