9 Best Forex Affiliate Programs 2024

In the expansive world of forex trading, affiliate programs have become a pivotal part of the ecosystem, offering traders and enthusiasts a lucrative opportunity to earn commissions by promoting trading platforms. As we step into 2024, the landscape of forex affiliate programs continues to evolve, presenting both new and experienced forex traders with numerous opportunities for partnership and profit. This article provides a deep analysis of the top 9 forex affiliate programs in 2024, evaluating their offerings based on reliability, commission structures, support, and user feedback to assist traders in making informed decisions.


Forex trading remains one of the most dynamic sectors of the financial market, with affiliate marketing playing a crucial role in its expansion. Affiliate programs are designed to reward individuals or entities for referring new clients to forex brokers. As the market grows, so does the competition among affiliate programs, making it essential for affiliates to choose their partners wisely. This guide aims to highlight the best forex affiliate programs in 2024, based on comprehensive research and analysis.

1. Eightcap Partners

Pros: Eightcap Partners stands out for its competitive commission rates and a robust tracking system. It offers affiliates access to a wide range of marketing tools and real-time reporting features to optimize their campaigns.

Cons: The program may require a steep learning curve for beginners due to its sophisticated platform.

2. Forex.com Affiliate Program

Pros: Known for its reliability, Forex.com offers a straightforward affiliate program with generous commissions. The brand's strong reputation makes it easier for affiliates to promote.

Cons: The program's payout structure could be complex for new affiliates to understand initially.

3. XM Partners

Pros: XM Partners is celebrated for its high conversion rates and flexible commission structures. It provides comprehensive support and marketing materials to its affiliates.

Cons: The program's benefits can vary significantly based on the affiliate's geographic location.

4. AvaTrade Affiliates

Pros: AvaTrade offers a lucrative CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model and a wide array of financial products for promotion. Its dedicated affiliate support team ensures affiliates have all the resources they need.

Cons: The withdrawal process for commissions may be slower than some competitors.

5. IC Markets Affiliate Program

Pros: With competitive commission rates and a no-limit earnings cap, IC Markets is an attractive option for affiliates looking to earn substantial income. The program also features an advanced tracking system.

Cons: The platform's interface might be intimidating for new users.

6. Pepperstone Partners

Pros: Pepperstone offers a tiered commission structure, allowing affiliates to increase their earnings as they refer more clients. It also provides detailed performance analytics.

Cons: Affiliates may find the program's terms and conditions to be strict compared to others.

7. eToro Partners

Pros: eToro's social trading platform is easy to promote due to its unique offerings. The affiliate program offers attractive commission plans and a wide range of marketing tools.

Cons: The commission structure can be less competitive for traders not involved in social trading.

8. HotForex Affiliates

Pros: HotForex Affiliates benefit from the broker's strong market presence and comprehensive marketing support. The program offers multiple commission models, including CPA and revenue share.

Cons: The program might require a more significant effort in client retention to maximize earnings.

9. FXTM Partners

Pros: FXTM offers a diverse range of commission schemes, including dynamic CPA models. The program is known for its exceptional affiliate support and training resources.

Cons: Affiliates need to carefully select the commission model that best suits their strategy, as changing terms later can be challenging.


The forex market presents a fertile ground for affiliates looking to leverage their networks and marketing skills. The best forex affiliate programs of 2024 provide diverse opportunities, competitive commissions, and strong support systems to ensure affiliates can maximize their earnings. Whether you're new to forex affiliate marketing or an experienced promoter, selecting the right program is crucial for success. By considering the pros and cons of each program and aligning them with your marketing strategy, you can forge profitable partnerships in the dynamic world of forex trading.

Remember, the effectiveness of an affiliate program largely depends on your ability to attract and refer potential traders. Therefore, it's essential to engage with reputable programs that not only offer attractive commissions but also value the quality of the products and services they provide.